Academic Counselling


Vista Virtual School's Academic Counsellors are:

Mrs. Andrea Robin (South of Red Deer for Full Time Students and Student Surnames A-L for Part Time Students)

Ms. Aletta Seward (Red Deer and North for Full Time Students and Student Surnames M-Z for Part Time Students)

Important Links

Alberta EducationFind information on curriculum, resources, transcripts, and diploma exams using the internal search engine, or the students, parents, teachers, and administrators quick links. 

Apply AlbertaAlberta post-secondary application system. 

Pembina Hills School DivisionOur school division's website. 

Bully Free AlbertaThe province of Alberta operates a toll-free line for support and advice for dealing with bullying. The helpline is available 24 hours a day seven days a week and is staffed by trained counsellors. The toll-free number for Alberta residents is 1-888-456-2323.

Alberta Distance Learning CentreOur sister school's website. 

Alberta Learning Information Service"Make the most of your future" using the career planning, job, and education information provided by ALIS. 

Job Safety Skills SocietyKnow your rights, roles, and responsibilities as an employ or employer in Alberta.

Career CruisingUse innovative career exploration software full of useful real-world career information to help you determine what kind of career possibilities are out there for you.  

Trade SecretsThe government of Alberta's apprenticeship and industry training website.

CAREERS: The Next GenerationAs a high school student it can be difficult to get experience in "real jobs" or explore your career options before you decide what to do.  CAREERS can help you get the experience and information you need to start your career. They offer internship programs in industries like health services, trades and industrial technologies. There are over 250 different careers you can explore through our programs.

Description Courtesy of CAREERS: The Next Generation