Vista Virtual School offers a blended online home schooling model to full-time students in Grades 1-9. In this model, families can choose which courses they want using materials provided by the school, and which courses they want as home education using their own materials.

Core Courses

Language Arts, Science, Math and Social Studies are the four courses considered to form the core program. In order to take advantage of the homeschooling program, families must agree to do at least two core courses on-curriculum using the school resources.The school does not restrict what those two courses may be. For courses on-curriculum, the school will supply all the books and learning materials required.


For homeschooling courses, where the curriculum need not be followed, the school will reimburse up to $205 per course for the resources or activities used that support the Home Education Plan.
This plan is agreed to in September, then reviewed in January and again in June to ensure the outcomes of your particular plan have been met. Other Vista Virtual School rebates such as those we have available for art, physical education, etc.
would continue to be made available on a prorated basis. If a student is doing two courses on curriculum they would have access to 50 per cent of the rebates, while students doing three courses on curriculum would have access to 75 per cent of the rebates.

  1. The goal of this program is to ensure that parents have access to the flexibility they need and desire, while the school maintains the accountability to curriculum required by the province.
  2. Contact a school administrator if you have any questions or want more details on how this program will work for you.
  3. All work and receipts must be submitted by June 30 of the school current year to be eligible for the rebates.