Prospective Students

Welcome to Vista Virtual School!

As a school established in a distance learning setting, we believe that all students are unique and should be provided with a dynamic learning environment where they can develop positive skills, abilities, and attitudes. Through the teamwork of our dedicated staff, students, and parents, we strive to promote the commitment and desire for continued learning. We are not just about online courses. We encourage our students to become engaged thinkers; to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit of a 21st century learner, and to take charge of their minds through creativity, critical thinking, and inquiry-based learning. We strive to have our students become ethical citizens who not only understand social responsibilities, but who also have cultural, global, and environmental awareness as well. While navigating our website, we invite you to encompass the 'No Limits' motto of Vista Virtual School and see how far we can assist you in your educational journey.

Mike Loitz, Principal
Treena Bradbury, Associate Principal

We're excited that you are considering Vista Virtual School for your education needs.  Achieve your goals wherever you are.  Remove the barriers to a quality education and study at your own schedule and pace. Students can expect the same quality education that a traditional school offers but optimized for their learning circumstances and accommodations. We welcome all types of learners. Contact us with any questions we would be happy to help. We welcome inquiries by phone (1-855-974-5333 Extension 5317), email ( or by completing our online form on this site.

We can also have face-to-face consultations in one of our locations or phone consultations provided you call ahead for an appointment.