Tuition & Fees (for adult students)

Tuition for Grade 10 to Grade 12 Courses $120.00 (per credit) - example: most adult courses are five credits, so that means it is $600 per course (not including materials or textbook fees)
Three-month course extensions $100.00
Transcript Evaluation $100.00
High School Equivalency Application$100.00

Please note that once your registration application has been processed by Vista Virtual School, full payment is required within 48 hours.

Note: For adult upgrading, there is no refund for textbooks and/or materials.

Course Extensions:

  • An adult student may have a maximum of four course extensions per course.
  • Extensions may be granted with teacher approval, upon presentation of a reasonable completion plan.
  • Course extensions are provided in one- and three-month increments (depending on the course credits taken), one extension at a time.