Tuition & Fees (for adult students)

Tuition for Grade 10 to Grade 12 Courses $120.00 per credit
1 and 3 credit course extensions $30.00
5 credit course extensions $100.00
Transcript Evaluation $100.00
High School Equivalency Application$100.00

Tuition is $120 per credit. For example, a 5-credit course would have a tuition fee of $600 plus any materials ordered.

Material Fees

  • Please refer to our Course Listing for course materials and pricing. 
  • Note: for adult upgrading, there is no refund for textbooks and/or materials.

Once your registration application has been processed by Vista Virtual School, full payment is required within 48 hours.

Course Extensions:

  • Extensions may be granted with teacher approval, upon presentation of a reasonable completion plan.
  • Course extensions are provided in three-month increments, one extension at a time.
  • An adult student may have a maximum of four course extensions per course.
  • Adult students can extend their course(s) up to 12 months from the original date of enrollment.
  • Extensions must be requested within six months of the course expiry or withdrawal date.
  • Courses funded by the Skills Investment Bursary (SIB) cannot be extended beyond the Training Session End Date.