Student Resources

Online Learning Student and Family Guide – Alberta Education’s comprehensive guide on online learning

Alberta Education – The official ministry website

International Qualifications Assessment – For useful information on gaining recognition for education and training from outside Canada

Read&Write for Google Chrome – Provides students with Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology for Google Docs and other common file formats, as well as visual aids.

To use Read&Write, you will need a Gmail accountGoogle Chrome, and the Read&Write Plugin. Learn more about Read&Write for Google Chrome here or via this  short instructional video.

Additional Learning Resources

Easybib – Easybib helps to make citations easier.

EPSB Together – This website was created by the Edmonton Public School Board to help children with numeracy and literacy skill building.

Exam Bank – Exam Bank provides students with teacher-approved materials to help with exam preparation.

Lanternfish – Lanternfish is a website that provides activities for students needing help with phonics.

Learn Alberta – Learn Alberta’s Online Reference Centre (ORC) licenses English and French digital resources made available for Alberta K-12 students, teachers, and parents.

Literacy & Numeracy – Alberta Education has designed a Literacy and Numeracy site with advice for parents on assisting their children in these areas.

My Child’s Learning – My Child’s Learning is a new Alberta Education resource for parents, with information about what their child may be assessed for in any given subject and grade level.

Rewordify – Rewordify is a free online software platform that helps students improve their reading comprehension.

Wonderopolis – Wonderopolis is a wonderful site for young learners, giving insight into how the world works.

Media and Technology Resources

Common Sense Media – Common Sense Media is an American not-for-profit agency dedicated to providing “education and advocacy to families to promote safe technology and media for children.”

MediaSmarts – MediaSmarts is the Canadian equivalent to Common Sense Media, with a focus on digital and media literacy and resources for parents and teachers. Its resources include:

Website resources

Teacher resources

Parent guides

New parent guides

New parent resources

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Reality Check: Getting the Goods on Health and Science – video and tip sheet

Editing Emotions – lesson plan for grades 5-9

Getting the Toothpaste Back into the Tube: A Lesson on Online Information – grades 6-8

Know the Deal: The Value of Privacy – lesson plan for grades 6-8

Privacy Rights of Children and Teens – lesson plan for grades 9-12

Talking to Your Kids about Sexting – tip sheet for parents

Using Parental Controls – tip sheet

Your ATA Library (formerly 2 Learn) – This website is a valuable source of information for parents and or guardians on technology and education, including the use of the internet and other emerging technologies.