Accessing Bonaventure Gate (Alberta Provincial Writing Centre) – Edmonton

Recently Alberta Education updated the Edmonton provincial writing centre location (for diploma exams) to Bonaventure Gate: 13140 St. Albert Trail N.W. Edmonton (west entrance).

The correct address is 13156 St. Albert Trail. This is the west (back) side of the Sobeys Corporate Office building.

Currently, this location shares signage with Sobey Corporate Offices in Edmonton, and the signage may be confusing.
Because of the limited signs, here are some photos and video that will help you get to your exam location efficiently:




The corner of 131 Street and St. Albert Trail.






There is a Tim Horton’s across the road.








If you enter the Sobeys Corporate office, the sign confirms the Alberta Education location is on the west side of the building (use the second “visitor entrance” access).









Entrance is next to the Sobeys Corporate Office Visitor Entrance.







Note the sign on the door for “Alberta Education Bonaventure Gate Provincial Writing Centre”.



Posted on: April 4th, 2019
Access from South of Sobeys Corporate Office
Access from North of Sobeys Corporate Office