Are you Alert Ready for May 9?

alert ready

Don’t be alarmed—be alert ready. If you live in Alberta, you may receive an emergency alert test to your mobile device this Wednesday May 9 at 1:55 pm MT.

Curious whether your device will start buzzing this Wednesday? To receive the alert, your device must be:

  • Compatible with LTE and WPA, and
  • Connected to an LTE cellular network.

Determine your device’s compatibility for Alert Ready emergency alert testing.

When the test runs, depending on your device’s settings, it might:

  • Display an alert
  • Vibrate
  • Make an alarming tone similar to an ambulance alarm

Remember, this is just a test. Emergency management officials are trialing wireless notifications as a part of the national public alert system to make sure all Canadians receive critical emergency alerts when needed. Learn more about Alert Ready.

This event is a part of Emergency Preparedness Week nationwide. “Be Emergency Ready” with information and tools from the Government of Canada.

Posted on: May 8th, 2018