CONNECTIONS: Be the Change – Interview Series (Alison Springer)

Learn more about the SEEDS CONNECTIONS program, a multicultural and environmental leadership opportunity for high school students. The program connects students from across Alberta, and focuses on creating a better understanding of the multicultural/diverse nature of our schools and society. Vista Virtual School invites students to attend the week-long camp in March each year, and complete a final project that is presented to students and the community.
As part of the project work in this program, our 2018-19 attendees interviewed Alison Springer—a youth communications specialist—who spoke to students at the leadership camp this year. This “Be the Change” video interview project is broken down into eight topics/sections, and will be published throughout June.
Alison Springer is a professional youth speaker and trainer with over 20 years of experience working with diverse audiences and helping youth develop their leadership skills and self-confidence to change and shape their world:
Posted on: May 27th, 2019