Early Planning for Long-term Academic Success

Knowing what to take when entering high school for the first time gives you a path that can help achieve your future goals.

This is because taking the courses you’re interested in, and making sure you have the skills required to graduate—and even enter post-secondary programs—starts earlier than you might think.

“I am definitely interested in engineering and becoming an electrical engineer, and it depends on what that involves (for learning),” said Rulon R., a grade 9 student with VVS. “And (the planning helps me) to gain more insight on what it involves.”

This May, Grade 9 students at Vista Virtual School (VVS) had the opportunity to sit down with the Academic Counsellors responsible for our school-aged students, to plan their future interests and map out their plans for the future.

“The transition from Grade 9 to Grade 10 can be overwhelming for many students and parents. Students are allowed increased independence and are able to structure their courses according to a semester system,” said Andrea Robin, Academic Counsellor with VVS. “They have many course choices, need to plan for what is required for their high school diploma and to think about career and post-secondary options as well.”

By having a group of students in the same room, high school planning can seem less intimidating for everyone involved.

“The students are able to learn as a group about high school and post-secondary planning,” says Robin. “They can also see that other students have the same questions, concerns and excitement about moving into high school.”

It allows everyone to take the time to see what interests them as a student entering their final years of secondary education.

This session was great,” said Seth W., a grade 9 student with VVS. “It will be much easier to plan out my high school and post-secondary by starting (preparations) now.”

Students could also explore career paths through Alberta Supports.

“The key is planning early to ensure students are on a path to success,” said Robin. “High school is a time where students solidify what subjects interest them and, in turn, decide what future career interests they may have.”

Planning ensures students enrol in the correct courses so they can eventually enter the workforce or post-secondary institutions with the skills required to continue on that path.

I was kinda nervous about this session, to be honest, and realizing the amount of work required to prepare for it and for my future classes,” said Ava B., a grade 9 student with VVS. “I also realized there is a lot to do; but definitely it will help me prepare for my future.

And the session was beneficial, as it provided insights and steps to plan.

“It was very interesting and very informative. I learned a lot, and Andrea answered a lot of questions,” said Rulon R. “It helped me think and decide on what I would like to do for my future, and it helped me understand what I need to do for my future.”

Posted on: June 4th, 2019