Lethbridge Campus Changes

Vista Virtual School has maintained a presence in Alberta Distance Learning Centre’s (ADLC) Lethbridge campus for a number of years, primarily to provide a space for students to register for courses, write exams, and return materials.

ADLC’s Lethbridge campus is closing its doors June 29, 2018.

This closure is permanent—the campus will not be re-opened in September. ADLC is moving to Barrhead only and VVS will not be taking over the space in Lethbridge. Our Edmonton, Calgary, and Barrhead campuses will remain open as usual.

VVS in Lethbridge

Starting this September, VVS will be making monthly visits to Lethbridge throughout the school year. During these visits, you will be able to do the same things as you would at our campus like write exams, return materials, and meet with your academic counsellors and/or teachers by appointment.

We will share more details on these monthly visits to Lethbridge, including times, locations, and how to book an appointment with your teacher or counsellor in the coming school year.

How might this change affect you?

Writing Exams

  • If you usually write exams in the Lethbridge campus, you will be able to write exams during our monthly visits to Lethbridge.
  • If the dates or times of our monthly visits do not work for you, you will need to contact us to find a local approved exam supervisor, or find your own exam supervisor, then complete and submit an Exam Supervisor Application Form.

Registering for Courses

Returning Materials

  • You may return materials to VVS staff during our monthly visits to Lethbridge.
  • Returns will continue to be accepted in-person at our Edmonton, Calgary, and Barrhead campuses and by mail to our Barrhead campus only.

We apologize for any inconvenience this closure of the ADLC Lethbridge campus may cause for you.

It is our promise to continue to support our students across the province in every way we can.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Posted on: June 13th, 2018