We Need Your Help – Online Classes

Got a story to share?

We’d like to know why you chose to attend Vista Virtual School classes and your experience with online learning (what led you to choose online learning, and any challenges you may be facing).

In addition to profiling students in our newsletter, in publications and online, we’re looking to provide confidential feedback to our Minister’s Youth Council representative to assist with¬†how the council can address any issues or challenges, and to¬†achieve the goal of providing the best options for distance education and students.

A letter was sent by Principal Mike Loitz, via email, also asking for your feedback. This information will also be collaborated and provided to our Minister’s Youth Council representative to assist in improving education in Alberta.

Please complete the following form to provide your feedback by November 21:

Your Feedback on Distance Learning

Please take a few moments to provide your feedback. This information is confidential and will only be shared with our Minister's Youth Council representative if you choose the option below. If you choose the option for our Communications team to interview you, that would be positive experiences for use in Vista Virtual School publications. All answers are voluntary. Thank you for your time and participation!
Posted on: November 2nd, 2018