Poetry Contest Winner

Congratulations to Vista Virtual School student, Sarah G., for being selected as a Third Prize Winner in Polar Expressions Publishing’s 2019/2020 National Student Poetry Contest!

As a result of this accomplishment, Sarah received $25, a certificate, and a copy of the book Around We Go, which features her award-winning poem along with the works of other top entrants. Vista Virtual School also received a matching prize!

Home of the Stars
Sarah G. (Grade 6)
Vista Virtual School

Wink, wink
go the stars,
their bedazzling smiles
fill the sky.
Gazing up,
I feel I could
the great balls of flame.

I won’t leave this grassy hill,
Where the trees sway,
The birds chirp songs for eternity,
And the stars shimmer
Like sparklers.

For in the great city’s light,
Nature’s night-lights hide behind the sun,
And when the darkness of night falls,
Stars are overshadowed
By the bland city lamps.

There, I cannot see
The dance of stars,
The constantly
changing constellations.

I refuse to leave
This enchanted spot.

This is my

Posted on: July 15th, 2020