Stay Sharp this Summer—Avoid Summer Slide!

What are you up to this summer? Even if you aren’t taking a course through July and August, it is a good idea to keep your brain engaged to keep your school skills sharp and avoid “summer slide.”

Our partners at Alberta Distance Learning Centre (ADLC) shared some tips to help.

Whether you call it the summer slide or brain drain, there’s no shortage of research that indicates students lose some of the skills and gains made during the school year over the summer, particularly in reading and math.

Even if you’re not working on a course this summer, don’t let the skills you learned over the school year drain away. There are lots of ways to prevent the summer slide!

  1. Read for fun. When you’re in school, you’re doing lots of reading that’s prescribed for you: novels, textbooks, articles, et cetera. These summer months are the time to read what you want to read! Have fun and don’t worry about reading the classics this summer (unless that’s what you want). Any kind of reading is going to keep your brain working and your comprehension sharp.
  2. How about some journaling? Journaling, scrapbooking, a diary, a blog—whatever format you choose, the writing and reflecting will help you practice your skills plus allow you to keep track of your summer adventures.
  3. Learning through exploring. The summer is a great time to check out the learning opportunities in your community: your local library; a museum; an art gallery, the zoo. There are a lot of fun things to do that might spark your interest and lead you to do more research when you get home!

Keep learning and growing this summer, and have fun!

This article was originally posted on Alberta Distance Learning Centre (ADLC) is an educational service provider we partner with to offer students access to more courses.

Posted on: July 19th, 2018