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2020-21 (Note: in-person events cancelled due to COVID-19)




Tate McRae Climbs Pop Music Charts

Former VVS grade 12 student Tate McRae is reaching for the stars!

  • She was recently named as Maybelline New York’s latest brand ambassador.
  • Tate is gearing up to go on tour with Shawn Mendes next summer.
  • In November 2020 by being named to Forbes magazine’s 2021 Top 30 Under 30 list, making her the youngest musician on that list. Read more about her here.
Winner in Polar Expressions Publishing’s 2019/2020 National Student Poetry Contest

Congratulations to Sarah G. for being selected as a Third Prize Winner in Polar Expressions Publishing’s 2019/2020 National Student Poetry Contest!

Scholarship Success

Congratulations VVS grade 12 student Maria A. on winning the Kermet Archibald & Jacob Van den Brink Entrance Bursary!

Turning Adversity into Success—and Post-Secondary!

World Understanding and Travel

Finn, Nico and Milo are part of the Colebrook 5, exploring the world while learning through home education and Vista Virtual School. Check out the family’s blog at https://www.bigbluedot.xyz/.

World Knowledge and a Worldly Experience

Minister's Youth Council (2018-19)

Congratulations Vista Virtual School student Tahir Natha on being named to the Alberta Education Minister’s Youth Council!

Check out Tahir’s Video Interview.


“It is an honour to be a part of the council and I look forward to working with the Minister of Education to help students across the province,” says Tahir.

As one of the 33 junior and senior high students, Tahir looks forward to the opportunity to provide input on education initiatives and engage with the ministry as a partner, as well as learning from the other students that are also part of the program.

“Students today do not feel they have a voice in their education, so I wanted to take a stand and be the voice for students who cannot speak up,” he says. “Being a part of the Minister’s Youth Council allows me to express the problems we see in the education system and how we can address those problems to better suit students today.”

Please share your feedback on distance education and education in Alberta.

Bike Travel
Wheelchair Basketball

Andrea N. is featured as part of Team Alberta for the Canada Winter Games (in Red Deer, 2019).


University Preparation

As a former student with Vista Virtual School (VVS), Sakariye Mohamed is using the skills he learned with VVS as he pursues a science degree at the University of Calgary. In addition to this, he’s part of Let’s Talk Science, a national program aimed at engaging students (children and youth) and educators in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Locally with the University of Calgary, Sakariye volunteers his time to help educate students across the region.

“Vista Virtual School prepared me for my post-secondary career (I’m in my second year right now),” says Sakariye. “I took all three sciences with the school and it gave me the opportunity to explore my options.

“I was able to talk with our academic counsellors and the other teachers, and they helped me learn what I might be interested in based on how I was doing and from the classes I liked and was interested in.”

And he uses those skills to help when he presents to students interested in learning more about science.

“Let’s Talk Science helps expose students to the things that they really don’t see.”

Working with DNA, he was able to present challenging concepts and hands-on experiments to current VVS students through the Let’s Talk Science program.

Prepared for University

“Going to university was a shift,” he says. “I was well-prepared to engage in independent learning, and the kind of lifestyle of what I needed to do to stay on top of things.

“Because it (learning through VVS) goes more into an independent study than in a conventional classroom, it is more about me and how I can better study. (For example, one of my classes has over 400 students right now and you are not really studying with 400 students.)”

How to Study

It is those study skills that have helped in his learning at the University of Calgary.

“Vista Virtual helped me, in that it gave me the sense of what works for me in terms of studying and what doesn’t. And that helped me transcend into what is this next chapter in my life.”


Balancing Business and Schoolwork

Tahir N. has a busy schedule balancing his jewellery website, schoolwork, volunteering in his community, being a member of the Minister’s Youth Council, and other business ventures.