FAQs – Course Information

These questions are focused on course options, course completion, exams, withdrawal from courses etc.

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What is the difference between an online and a print course?

Elementary courses are print-based. VVS provides lesson module books, assignment booklet packs, and any other required materials. Assignments are then scanned and uploaded online for assessment.

Junior high, high school, and adult upgrading students access their lessons and assignments online. Students work directly in their online course or, for some courses, they can download and print PDF assignments.

Textbooks and additional required reading materials are not available online.

What is my course mark made up of?

Course marks are comprised of assignments that are submitted online and—for some courses—quizzes and supervised exams.

The course mark is weighted differently for each class and is outlined by the instructor at the start of the course. All courses follow the Alberta Education standards and guidelines.

Important: Quizzes (or assignments within the quiz tool) must be completed on a laptop or desktop computer. Moodle does not support tablet or cell phones for quizzes at this time.

How long do I have to complete my courses?

Like other schools, our school year runs from September 1 to June 30.

Students in grades 1-9 must complete their compulsory core courses by the school year deadline. High school students typically work on a semester basis.

Students are required to work regularly and diligently, following the timeline until the course is completed. They must submit at least one assignment in both September and October in order to remain registered in any given course.

Academic counsellors are also available to work with students to develop an individual academic program to achieve their goals.

Adult students have six months to complete a 5-credit core course or a 3- or 5-credit elective course, and three months to complete a 1-credit course.

How can I withdraw from a course?

Adult and high school students may send their course withdrawal request to vvsupport@pembinahills.ca. The email should specify the student name, Alberta Student Number, course name, and the reason for withdrawal.

Please be sure you are familiar with our Refund Policy prior to requesting a withdrawal.

Note: An Alberta Education official transcript only shows the highest marks and credits awarded for each completed course. A withdrawn course may show up as withdrawn or incomplete on your Detailed Academic Report through myPass for your record.

Do I need to write diploma exams?

Yes. Diploma exams are mandatory for all students registered in an eligible Alberta Education program.

If you are upgrading your course mark and have already completed the diploma exam, you may be able to use your previous diploma exam mark. Both the course mark and the diploma exam mark are required for a final mark to appear on your official transcript.

Vista Virtual School requires students to write a supervised course final exam in addition to the diploma exam.

For more information, please visit our Diploma Exam information page.

Will high school courses taken with Vista Virtual School show up on my transcript? Will my post-secondary institution recognize it?

Yes, we are a fully accredited school under Alberta Education. Therefore, any high school courses taken with Vista Virtual School will be reported to Alberta Education and placed on your transcript.

Vista Virtual School courses are recognized the same as any other public school in Alberta (including for out-of-province post-secondary institutions).

You may request an official copy of your Alberta high school transcript from Alberta Education using myPass. If you need to send your transcript to an Alberta post-secondary institution, you may use ApplyAlberta.