FAQs – Registration

These questions are focused on student registration requirements and payment information.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, you can find additional FAQs on these pages:

When can I register?

Registration for the 2021-2022 school year is open for all school-aged students (under 20 years old as of Sep 1, 2021) until September 17, 2021, except for interjurisdictional and international students.

Registration for 2022 summer school will begin on May 15, 2022.

Adult upgrading courses are offered through continuous (year-round) registration.

Can I register if I am taking courses at another school?

Students attending another Alberta high school can register for up to five credits for no tuition fee directly with Vista Virtual School. Students are also expected to complete a 1-credit CTS orientation course called E-Learning & Learning Management Systems (COM1255), if they do not already have credit for that course.

Requests for additional high school courses during the 2021-22 school year must come from your school/school division. An Education Services Agreement between Pembina Hills School Division and your school division will need to be in place.

Students attending another Alberta elementary/junior high school cannot register directly with Vista Virtual School. Please check with your local school or school authority, or call our support team, to confirm whether your resident division has an active education services agreement with PHSD in place.

Why do I need to provide a copy of my citizenship? What forms of documentation will Vista Virtual School accept?

To enrol with VVS, students must be a Canadian citizen, a lawfully admitted permanent resident of Canada, a child of a Canadian citizen, or a child of a lawfully admitted permanent or temporary resident.

As an Alberta-registered school, we are also required to follow all regulations concerning maintaining student records. One of these requirements is to obtain documentation of citizenship for student records.

All students are required to submit one of the following:

  • Canadian Birth Certificate;
  • Canadian Passport or Nexus Card (issued in Canada);
  • Canadian Citizenship Certificate;
  • Certificate of Indian Status;
  • Permanent Resident Card (both sides)/Paper;
  • Record of Landing/Landed Immigrant paper or Refugee Protection Claimant Document (RPCD);
  • For students under age 18: certification indicating that you are the child of a Canadian Citizen (including a copy of your parent’s documentation); or
  • For students under age 18: certification indicating that you are the child of an individual lawfully admitted to Canada for permanent or temporary residency (including a copy of your parent’s documentation).

If you are unable to upload your citizenship documentation to your registration application, please email the relevant documents to vvsupport@pembinahills.ca or bring them to a Vista Virtual School campus.

When do I pay for my course/materials?

Once a registration is processed, the student will be emailed instructions for making a payment for any applicable fees owing. Full payment is then due within 48 hours and can be paid by credit card online through SIS, or by cash or debit in person at any Vista Virtual School campus.

Vista Virtual School does not supply required textbooks online. Students residing in the Calgary region are required to pick up their materials from the VVS campus or pay for shipping. Calgary-area students will receive an email to schedule an appointment once their materials are ready. Students residing elsewhere in Alberta will have materials mailed to their address at no cost. Shipping takes 3-5 business days. Those who require materials be sent outside of Alberta are responsible for shipping fees.

How can a third party make payment on my behalf?

If a third party (WCB, First Nation Band etc.) is paying for your course, please register online and answer “Yes” to the question “Will a third party be paying for this registration?”

If possible, please include contact information for your third party.

Vista Virtual School will send an authorization of payment letter for you to forward to your third party contact. Once the third party authorization and funding is received, we will enroll you in your course(s).

Does VVS issue tax receipts?

Tax Receipts (T2202) can only be issued by post-secondary institutions (university, college etc.) for post-secondary courses. As Vista Virtual School offers high school (upgrading) courses, these are not tax deductible.

Funding received through the Skills Investment Bursary is considered taxable income. A T4A will be issued by the Learner Income Support Office for all learners receiving in excess of $500 during the previous tax year.

If you require a receipt for your own records, you can log into SIS, click on “Make a Payment” on the left side of the page, and select “Print Receipt”.