Visions & Values

Vista Virtual School provides high-quality education for all our students.

Our school is founded on the following core beliefs:

  • Everyone works and learns best in an atmosphere of safety

  • Open and honest communication is essential

  • A climate of respect promotes efficient and creative learning

  • Professional relationships with students, parent, and teachers promote commitment and desire for continued learning

  • Teamwork among students, partners, parents, and staff is essential for enjoyable learning experiences

  • Students thrive in environments of hope and encouragement

  • The distributed learning environment is a powerful environment in which to develop positive skills, abilities, and attitudes

  • Distance learning programs work because of focused students, supportive parents, and dedicated staff

Our specific beliefs inspire our work with our key participants:

  • Students are unique and must be provided with effective student-centered programs

  • Parents are valued partners seeking the best educational opportunities for their children

  • Our staff is professional and dedicated to providing quality student-centered education while encouraging continuous progress

These beliefs guide our actions in providing the best education possible for all of our students (full-time, part-time, and adult) across the province and ensuring equitable access to education.