Why Choose VVS?

Why choose Vista Virtual School?

Vista Virtual School offers Flexibility

  • Distance learning courses delivered through Vista Virtual School provide students with the opportunity
  • To complete their course work within a traditional school year, a semester, or faster
  • Students can work on their coursework any time of the day, any day of the week. They are not constrained by specific schedules. This allows the student the flexibility to balance other studies, work or personal pursuits.

Vista Virtual School offers Safety

  • Some students with social-emotional and or mental health concerns choose to learn at a distance because it reduces the anxiety associated with being in traditional settings.
  • Vista Virtual School has staff assigned to support students with Individual Program Plans.
  • Vista Virtual School provides a full school experience with reduced risk of transmission of infection.
  • Some students live with family members who have certain health risk factors (such as those related to COVID-19).
  • Districts may seek special needs distance education services because the children themselves may be higher risk.

Vista Virtual School offers High-Quality results

  • The achievement levels of VVS students are as high, or higher, than the provincial average (as measured by Diploma Exam results).
  • Families may choose to continue learning at home because it works for their kids.

Vista Virtual School is Accessible

  • Distance learning courses delivered through Vista Virtual School are accessible by anyone with the capacity to access the internet.

Vista Virtual School fills gaps in student programming

  • Many schools need scheduling alternatives to support students’ unique circumstances.
  • Smaller schools cannot always provide teacher-directed instruction for all of the courses in the Programs of Study.
  • Other schools use alternative learning blocks within a student’s timetable to provide the student with an opportunity to access programming scheduled at a different time or programming that is not available in the school.

Vista Virtual School is a cost-effective solution for other Alberta schools

  • It is expensive for divisions to try to offer solutions for students with unusual timetable needs. They generally try to populate classes with more than 25 students. When they have low enrollment for a particular course, they seek other solutions.
  • Other divisions can take advantage of solutions for students to complete their programming for less cost than if the division provided the instruction themselves.
  • Divisions are funded at approximately $190/credit for high school students; and VVS will provide instruction non-primary registrations for $130/credit.

Solutions for International Students

  • When Alberta families have to live abroad for work, but want their children to continue using Alberta’s Program of Studies, Vista Virtual School can provide content and instruction.
  • Citizens of other countries can receive world-class Alberta curriculum through Vista Virtual School
  • Alberta Accredited International Schools can use Vista Virtual School to complement their programming.

Supporting Alberta’s Adults

  • Registering with Vista Virtual School gives Alberta adults access to a variety of courses to complete their high school diploma, improve high school marks, learn a new skill, or fulfill post-secondary requirements.
  • Our adult upgrading courses are offered through continuous (year-round) registration. Students have up to one year to complete a core course, six months to complete a 3- or 5-credit elective course, or three months to complete 1-credit CTS courses.