Christina Waller

I am a Social Studies teacher at Vista Virtual School. Currently, I am teaching Social Studies 30-1 and Social Studies 30-2. I have worked with Vista Virtual School for 9 years.

I like working directly with students and helping them succeed and get through school. I especially get great satisfaction helping students who have been “failed” by the system and need a second chance. Helping them pass my courses makes me feel great! I have always really enjoyed history, politics, and other social studies related fields, so teaching social studies is enjoyable.

In my world, there are two seasons – bike season and hockey season and the best time of year is when they overlap. I love riding my bike around Edmonton, especially in the river valley and I ride to work as soon as the roads are clear. I don’t play hockey, but I’m a big Oilers fan. I also read a lot – both fiction and non-fiction. I also really like birds and I have a budgie named Kirby.