Christy Filgate

Hello, I am Christy Filgate. I have worked with Vista Virtual School for over seven years.

My job title is Coordinator of Special Education. My main responsibilities include:

        • •   Reviewing specialized documentation
        • (IPP’s, Psychoeducational assessments).
        • •   Creating IPP’s (Individualized Program Plans)
        • to facilitate learning and assessment of learning.
        • •   Sending IPP drafts to teachers for review and
        • collaboration of learning and assessment strategies.
        • •   Sending IPP draft to students and/or parents for further collaboration of learning strategies and to obtain signatures on IPP documentation on a semester basis.
        • •   Setting up exam accommodations within the Student Information System.
        • •   Helping facilitate exam/diploma accommodations.
        • •   Providing regular student and parent support for learning needs.

I love being able to work one-on-one with students and their families. This school’s environment facilitates the opportunity to establish close relationships of support helping students to be successful. The incredible collaboration we have as a staff helps support these relationships. All the teachers work closely together to provide strategies and support regardless of the subject areas we teach/work in.

Outside of work, I have a wonderful son who is now in Grade 5. I also enjoy running and will be completing my second marathon in May 2018.

Vista Virtual School is a truly remarkable school with teachers who love to teach and help students succeed!