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Heather Miller

Hello, I am Heather Miller. I am a teacher at Vista Virtual School. I currently teach, English 20-1 and English 30-2. I have worked for Vista Virtual School for the past four years.

I enjoy working at Vista Virtual School because I believe that online learning offers the most flexible options for completing one’s education. I find it rewarding to work one-on-one with students helping them to build or strength skills that contribute to attaining their goals and being successful in life. What I love most about working at Vista Virtual is that it provides opportunities for me to create the most personal and effective learning environment that fits best for each of my students.

A bit about me…I’ve been teaching for a number of years now; primarily English and Art. I’m an artist as well, so I tend to be creative and expressive in both subjects. Although I love drawing, all types of painting, and printmaking, I work mostly with water-based mixed media. “Mixed media tends to refer to a work of visual art that combines various traditionally distinct visual art media” (Wikipedia). My paintings involve layering acrylic paint with hand stained tissue paper, text and other found or created media. I also have a passion for reading, as well as writing, including structured essays and memoirs. I love learning and taking courses; a true lifelong learner! I love summer and all that comes with it; camping, campfires, festivals, concerts, sailing and road trips; especially to the mountains! Other past time activities include going to the movies and theatre, swimming, working out, travelling, knitting and hanging out with my grandson…so much fun!

I really enjoy helping and getting to know my students. I’m here to help you reach your goals in English so please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or get stuck…even if just a little…as I want you to grow and do the best you can!

If you plan to contact me via my cellphone please note that it is Text Only! 

Heather is also the Department Head for senior high English.