Jessica Luciuk

Good day, I am Jessica Luciuk and this will be my first year as Academic Counsellor with VVS.

I have close to 20 total years of teaching experience within K-12 schools, including the past 10 years at ADLC. In my years of teaching, I have worked with students of all ages and in many subject areas including PE, math, science, CTS, and some language arts and social studies at the younger ages.

I am passionate about finding creative solutions for students when unique situations arise. There is more than one path to all destinations and the correct path is the one that works best for that individual.

My passions outside of education are being the best aunt to my nephews and nieces. I am a former national team member in golf, and since I can no longer play golf due to injury I now enjoy working with junior golfers so they can learn to enjoy the game as much as I do. I am a huge sports fan, so most days my show of choice is whatever live sport is on (Go Oilers, Mystics, Edmonton Football Team, Cowboys, Lakers, Blue Jays, Buckeyes, and Team Canada). I am also a fan of cooking competition shows. When the weather is less than favorable (winter), I enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles. Last but not least, I enjoy spending time with my dogs.

I look forward to helping students achieve their educational goals.