Loya De Clercq

My name is Loya and I’m excited to start my new role as Academic Counsellor with Vista Virtual School!

I have been employed by Pembina Hills in several positions over the past 20 years, including as Lethbridge regional office coordinator, coordinator of research and innovation, CTS Foods and Fashions teacher, and most recently  associate principal for ADLC. I am pleased to join Vista Virtual, meet new people, as well as renew acquaintances with those with whom I have worked previously.

I value my time with my family, including her husband Kevin and daughter Haylene, and I spend much of my time caring for my 89-years-young mother who lives with me. In my spare time, I enjoy camping, watching movies, travelling (pre-Covid-19), and cooking.

I am looking forward to learning my new role and helping students with their academic planning!