Roxanne Schmidt

Hello, I am Roxanne Schmidt. In my role as the grade 2/3 teacher for Vista Virtual School, I help both parents and students in the four core subjects. I mark their assignments, give suggestions for enrichment or extra practice, and do assessments and activities based on individual needs through Skype or in-person meetings. I have worked with the Vista Virtual School team for the past three years.

I really enjoy teaching students at a distance and like the challenge of finding ways to enhance their learning through our Skype sessions. I am also thrilled at the relationships that I’m able to foster with students and their families.

One of my main interests is doing triathlons, so if I’m not in the pool, I’m cycling or running, even in the winter. I also enjoy golfing, curling, hiking, and cross-country skiing. Traveling to different locations to take part in these activities is also becoming a passion of mine.