Adult Work Experience

If you are an adult student (age 19 and older), and are less than 21 credits from completing your high school diploma, you have options. Vista Virtual School (VVS) has a flat-rate to help you to obtain the credits you need to graduate. Learn more about our Off-Campus Programs!

How can I obtain the credits I need for a high school diploma?

If you are currently working, and need to complete your general studies to receive your diploma, you can receive up to 21 credits by completing work experience courses.

What do I need to do to receive credit?

Approval from your VVS off-campus coordinator or academic counsellor is required prior to enrolment. You must arrange to enrol in Work Experience 25  (OTH2998), Work Experience 35 (OTH3998), and Career Internship 10 (OTH1910) – if applicable.

The counsellor will verify the credits you need and assist you to enrol in the required courses. Workplace Safety Systems (HCS3000) is also a required prerequisite.

Can I choose this option instead of core course requirements to graduate?

No. If you need to complete specific courses, including English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Career and Life Management, and/or Physical Education, these still are required and cost $135 per course credit.

This option is only available to adult students that need general credits, and can achieve these credits through a work experience program.

What does this cost?

Course tuition is capped at $675 for up to 20 credits of work experience and career internship courses.

The student also must complete the Workplace Safety Systems (1 credit) course prior to enrollment—the cost for that course is $135.

How am I evaluated?

Students in a work experience course are supervised by an employer’s on-site supervisor and the VVS off-campus coordinator. You must have a work agreement and learning plan with your employer, and the off-campus coordinator must complete a worksite inspection.

Plan to put in 25 hours of logged work for each course credit up to 15 total credits as work experience, and 5 credits as a career intern.