YouthSMART Mental Health Awareness and Resources

Vista Virtual School is a SMART school (Youth Supporting Mental Health and Resiliency Together). Students and teachers attend the Canadian Mental Health Association – Calgary Region YouthSMART Initiative (and summit), committing to the development and implementation of action plans for ongoing, school-wide mental health awareness activities throughout the year.

This information and direction on these plans are student-driven and updated by the students who attended this summit. All updates and information will be posted here and shared on the Vista Virtual School Facebook and Twitter accounts.



VVS YouthSMART consists of teachers Phoebe Arcilla and Shelley Rizzo as well as VVS students Keyla Gilbeau (grade 10), Jeremy Peterer (grade 10), Jordan Sabad (grade 12), Jasmine Seymour (grade 10), and Sophie Yasenchuk (grade 12). YouthSMART meets weekly in the Calgary Campus to work on mental health initiatives for our school.

Do you want to join YouthSMART? Email for more information.