Special Accommodations Information

Vista Virtual School cares about your learning success!

If you are a student in need of special accommodations when writing exams, we can help.

Requests for special exam accommodations must be submitted with appropriate documentation, such as a copy of:

  • a recent psycho-educational assessment;
  • a recent Individualized Program Plan (IPP);
  • an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP); or
  • a written recommendation from a physician.

In cases where students are not able to demonstrate that they have received special accommodations for previous school exams, Alberta Education may decline to provide special accommodations for Provincial Diploma Examinations.

You must apply well in advance of the anticipated date of an Alberta Education Diploma Exam in order to receive special accommodations.


Only looking for extra time?

You can request additional time for your exams without submitting an Individualized Program Plan (IPP) or other documentation.

A request for extra time must be made when booking your exam and you may request a maximum of double the time normally allowed to complete it.