Personalized Learning


Personalized Learning (PL) is an approach to education that enables students to achieve optimal learning, tailored to their needs. The curriculum in this program aligns with the Alberta Program of Studies, but the level of instruction is customized to cater to each student’s unique abilities and requirements. 

This program is available to elementary and junior high school students.

Discover what Vista Virtual School’s Personalized Learning program is all about in just a few minutes by watching the informative video below. This video will provide a summary of the valuable information found on this webpage and enhance your understanding of this innovative approach to education.


Personalized Learning is for students who require support outside the scope of mainstream programming.  Examples of learning needs programming can support:

  • Gifted
  • Learning Differences
  • Behavioural or Neurological Conditions
  • Intellectual Disabilities
  • Autism Spectrum
  • English Language Learners
  • Health or Medical Conditions

*This is not an exhaustive list.

Note: students in the PL program usually already have an Instructional Support Plan (ISP) in place. ISPs are required at the time of registration.


Vista Virtual School’s overall goal for the Personalized Learning program is student success.


A customized learning plan developed by our experienced PL teachers in consultation with families and other educational support coordinators. 


Below is the step-by-step process that Vista Virtual School follows when a new student inquiry is received for the PL program.

Step 1. Determine if an interested student is eligible for the Personalized Learning Program

    • Commitment – will the interested student participate in regular student, parent, and teacher video meetings, maintain a daily schoolwork routine, and submit assessments according to schedule?
    • Grade – is the student in either elementary or junior high school?
    • Technology – does the interested student have a reliable internet connection, video and audio capabilities, and the ability to print and scan?
    • Support System – the interested student must have a home learning facilitator (parent, guardian, or tutor) to provide them with one-on-one assistance.

Step 2. Next, the Personalized Learning teachers will create a customized learning plan for the student

    • The first step in creating a customized learning plan is for our PL teachers and academic counsellors to meet one-on-one with interested students and their families. In doing so, teachers gain a better understanding of each student’s educational history, previous diagnostic testing, strengths, goals, and passions.
    • The learning plan is developed after the initial meeting using quality research-based resources that fit each student’s individual needs. These resources include customized assignments, scripted lessons, and teacher modeling. Student activities are challenging but are still within their zone of ability. This boosts their confidence and increases success.

Step 3: Finally, the customized learning plan is implemented and PL teachers provide ongoing support to the student and home-learning facilitator

    • PL teachers provide regular, direct instruction for the student and guidance for the home-learning facilitator.
    • The customized learning plan may be changed or modified depending on the student’s progress.

For more information about Personalized Learning or to determine if a student is eligible contact:

Andrea Robin

Inclusive Education Coordinator
Phone: 1-855-974-5333 x6252

Success Stories

“Our boys have exhibited more growth and success than they ever had before in the education system.” – A.S. (treatment home for at risk youths)

“When we started in September, my children couldn’t read. By February, they could both read level 2 books and comprehend what they were reading.” – K.H. (Gr. 4 & 5 Students)

“Before I thought I couldn’t do math, now it’s my favourite subject!” – J.L.

“I don’t feel stupid anymore. I know I can do it!” – T.K.

“Before my son thought his brain couldn’t learn how to read. Now he loves to read!” – D.D.

“We’re so thankful to have had the guidance of our teacher. My daughter enjoyed doing school and our journey was much easier.” – P.B. (Gr. 7 student working at gr. 2 level in L.A. and gr. 4 level in math)

“Allowing my daughter to work at her own pace has made a real difference. My child has the confidence to learn again!” – S.K. (Code 52 student)