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We use two main systems at VVS

The Student Information System (SIS) – our student portal and live student record system

Moodle – our learning management system (LMS) where students complete their coursework

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Technical Support


Call 1-855-974-5333 x5317.

Support staff are available Monday through Friday (except holidays) from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

Technical Requirements

To successfully access and complete courses through VVS, students should be prepared to meet the following technical requirements:

  • Computer (laptop or desktop including a Chromebook)
    • Operating System: Windows 8 or later, Mac OS x 10.0 or later
  • Reliable internet access
  • Web Browser: Google Chrome or Firefox web browser
  • Software: Adobe Acrobat Reader, Audacity (audio recording), Skype, Microsoft Word/Excel or Google Docs or Open Office
  • Standard printer
  • Email Address(es): Students and their parents/guardians must have an active email account (personal rather than school-based preferred).
  • Phone Number: Students are required to have a working phone number.

Note: You can use a cell phone or tablet for content review, studying or contacting your teacher but they cannot be used to submit quizzes and certain other course work. Chromebooks are supported. 

Proctorio - Online Exam Supervision Help

What is Proctorio?

Proctorio is an online automated proctoring service that monitors and records (audio and video) students as they write exams (recording the actions they take, including mouse clicks, keyboard strikes, internet activity, internet connection type and location). Proctorio alerts teachers to any suspicious student activity allowing them to view the video to ensure the integrity of the online exams and the honesty of students.

Proctorio is being used to assist Vista Virtual School in monitoring exams for the large number of students that we serve. If Proctorio does not work for a student there are alternate options for exam supervision.

What do I need in order to use Proctorio?

  • a computer (laptop, desktop or Chromebook) with a web camera & microphone set up (a tablet will NOT work)
  • A Windows or Chrome system where screen sharing is enabled by default
  • A Mac system where you have manually enabled screen sharing
  • The Chrome web browser installed on your computer (Proctorio will not work with any other browser at this time)
  • the Proctorio extension installed in the Chrome browser
  • photo ID to confirm your identity (an id card from your school will work if you don’t have a driver’s license or passport available to use)
  • to be in a quiet space with no interruptions

To setup your computer to write an exam with Proctorio you need:

Once I install the Proctorio extension in Google Chrome, is Proctorio always on?

No. The Proctorio extension is only activated when the student interacts with an exam that is setup with Proctorio Monitoring. 

When Proctorio is running, the shield icon in the right of the address bar will turn green when it’s running, otherwise it is grey. You can disable or remove the Proctorio extension from the Chrome browser after you have completed your exam. (You can then enable or reinstall the extension the next time you need it.)

Can Proctorio access the files and information on a test takers computer during the exam?

No. Proctorio cannot access files and information on the test-taker’s computer, only the information provided in the exam (i.e. student name).

Is someone watching me when I write my exam with Proctorio monitoring? 

No, not in real time. Your exam session is recorded and only your teacher or technical support staff at Vista Virtual School can review the recording once your exam is complete. Once you complete your course with Vista Virtual School your recording is deleted.

Is Proctorio Spyware?

No. Before you take an exam that uses Proctorio Monitoring, you are informed of what Proctorio will be monitoring on your computer and how that will be done. You will be asked to consent to the use of Proctorio to start the exam. Nothing will be done without your permission.

Will Proctorio kick me out of the exam if it thinks that I am cheating?

No. Proctorio will continue to monitor the exam and provide the teacher with a report of its findings once the exam has been completed.

Things to know about the Proctorio monitoring service:

  • Empty the cache from your web browser and then restart the browser before attempting each Proctorio exam.
  • A password is NOT required to access a Proctorio monitored exam. (You may see a password request screen for a few seconds, and that is OK.) However, if your system is stuck on a screen where you are being asked for a password your Proctorio browser extension is not working correctly. Please review the setup procedures and ensure your computer is ready.
  • When you are asked to share your screen with Proctorio, you may need to click and select the screen that is shown within the window before you can select the Share button (see how to here).
  • You will be asked to complete a room scan before gaining access to your exam questions. The room scan allows teachers to ensure that no additional devices or resources are available for use during the exam. When you are asked to complete the room scan:
    • Make sure that you move slowly.
    • Show your entire room, including your desk/table surface and the floor near your work area.
    • Show any scrap paper you have for calculations/notes (both sides of the paper).
    • For Math and Science courses, where applicable, show your formula sheet, data sheet or other sheets permitted for use during the exam.
    • For Math and Science courses, where applicable, show your calculator screen with the memory cleared message.

Vista Virtual School Rules and Guidelines during a Proctorio monitored exam:

  • Once you begin the exam, you must finish it in one sitting. You cannot leave and come back to the exam at a different time.
  • You must stay within view of the camera at all times.
  • You cannot access a phone while writing.
  • You are NOT ALLOWED to look at your course content pages during the exam. This refers to your Moodle account. If you access your content pages during the exam, this will result in a grade of 0 on the exam. This also applies if a friend or family member has access to your course password and they access content pages in the course during the exam.
  • You cannot wear headphones while writing.
  • You cannot carry on a conversation while writing.
  • Other people are not allowed in the room.
  • Your browser will be locked down (you cannot access other webpages)

What if you encounter technical issues during a Proctorio Exam?

If you encounter technical issues with Proctorio before or during your exam help is available from Proctorio Support through the built-in chat feature. (The first thing they will ask is if you emptied your cache and restarted your browser, so if you haven’t done that, please give it a try first.)

  • Located in the top right-hand area of your screen is the Proctorio icon. Selecting this icon will allow you to open a live chat with Proctorio technical support (see how to here).
  • Proctorio support cannot answer questions about question content, exam time limits, missing images or anything else content related. Questions of this nature should be directed to your teacher or VVS technical support (
  • Download this document to have on hand should you need to trouble shoot any Proctorio exam issues in the future.

Proctorio Exam Sample Video

View this video to see the steps you will take to access an exam using Proctorio (the video has no audio).

Proctorio: What is Proctorio?

Adobe Acrobat Help

If you have some trouble opening PDFs in a browser, we recommend you install the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader:

  1. Download and install the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader
  2. Download the PDF you would like to open.
  3. Open the PDF in Adobe Reader.

Teamviewer Quicksupport software allows our technical staff to connect to your computer remotely when troubleshooting issues.

Download TeamViewer