About Us


Our public school, located in Calgary and accredited by Alberta Education, is affiliated with the Pembina Hill School Division. We offer online learning opportunities for students of all ages. Since 1996, we have been delivering high-quality education to students from grades 1 to 12. Additionally, we provide full-time and part-time options for grades 10 to 12, adults, and international students. Our services are accessible to schools through Education Services Agreements (ESAs) for cost-effective instruction.



We are the school of choice for many families who are looking for the following:

This is an image of a girl writing notes outside on a blanket. She has a laptop in front of her. FLEXIBILITY

All VVS courses are asynchronous which means that students do not attend a class at a specific time, rather they complete their assignments according to the schedule outlined by their course teachers. This allows students to work at their own pace and around other commitments, while also having an outline to help them stay organized and motivated.


This is an image of a woman studying in her home. She has a laptop infront of her. SAFETY   

As VVS is fully online, we are able to provide a safer and more inclusive environment that caters to students with mental health concerns. Students are able to work in an environment free from the anxieties associated with the traditional classroom settings. VVS also provides a full school experience to those with increased health risks.


This is an image of a male student in a wheelchair and their female teacher is next to them. ACCESSIBILITY

Online learning with VVS is accessible to anyone with an internet connection.Vista Virtual School also prides itself on its Personalized Learning Program which provides a tailored curriculum to students with a variety of learning needs, including autism spectrum disorder and health conditions.


this image is of a male student with a graduation cap and gownACADEMIC SUCCESS

According to diploma exam results, achievement levels of VVS students are as high or higher than the provincial average. Additionally, VVS’s programming allows students to continue with their at home education for as long as it is beneficial to them. See our Adult Upgrading opportunities.


This is an image of a desk. In front of the desk is someone's hand holding a piece of paper that says, "cost effective". AFFORDABLE EDUCATION

VVS can easily accommodate unusual timetable needs in ways that are costly (and in some cases impossible) for regular schools. Through an ESA, VVS provides instruction for $140/credit while divisions are funded at approximately $190/credit for high school students.


This is an image of someone's hands. In their hands are the silhouette of eight humans holding hands that is made out of paper. ONLINE INCLUSIVE EDUCATION SUPPORT

Vista Virtual School has programming that supports students, ensuring they receive equitable opportunities to learn. Some examples include writing exams from the comfort of your own home, customized timelines (at the teacher’s discretion), individual private support, and much more. To learn more, please visit our Online Inclusive Education Support page.


As highlighted above, online learning has many advantages. However, for students to achieve the best results, certain attributes are needed. To find out what these distinct characteristics are, please click the button below: