About Us

Welcome to Vista Virtual School!

We are a public, Alberta Education-accredited, distance education school, based in Calgary. Our school is a part of the Pembina Hills School Division and we have been in operation since 1996. We offer grades 1-12 programming to Alberta school-aged students (full-time and part-time), adult learners and international students. We also partner with schools to provide cost-effective instruction to their students through Education Services Agreements (ESA).

We are the school of choice for many families who prefer distance learning for its flexibility and safety. Our courses (primarily print-based for elementary, online for junior high and high school) are designed to meet all the learning outcomes of the Alberta Programs of Study. We report results to parents/guardians and Alberta Education, like any other school in Alberta. Our teachers communicate regularly with students through email, text, video chat, and phone calls and are always ready to help. 

Our Beliefs

Our school is founded on the following core beliefs:

– Everyone works and learns best in an atmosphere of safety.

– Open and honest communication is essential.

– A climate of respect promotes efficient and creative learning.

– Professional relationships with students, parents, and teachers promote commitment and desire for continued learning.

– Teamwork among students, partners, parents, and staff is essential for enjoyable learning experiences.

– Students thrive in environments of hope and encouragement.

– A distributed learning environment is a powerful tool for fostering positive skills, abilities, and attitudes.

– Distance learning programs work when students are focused and organized, parents are supportive, and staff members are dedicated.

Our specific beliefs inspire our work with our key participants:

– Students are unique and must be provided with effective student-centered programs.

– Parents are valued partners seeking the best educational opportunities for their children.

– Our staff is professional and dedicated to providing quality student-centered education while encouraging continuous progress.

These beliefs guide our actions in providing the best education possible for all of our students (full-time, part-time, and adult) across the province and ensuring equitable access to education.

Why choose VVS?


– Distance learning with Vista Virtual School is accessible by anyone with an internet connection.


– VVS students are able to to complete their course work within a traditional school year, a semester, or faster.

– Students can work on their coursework any time of the day, any day of the week, giving them flexibility in relation to studies elsewhere, employment, and other commitments.

– VVS’ flexible scheduling options make it easy for students to fill in gaps in their educational background and with the necessary teacher-directed instruction.


– Students with social, emotional, and/or mental health concerns can benefit from a study environment free from the anxieties associated with traditional classroom settings.

– Inclusive Education teachers work with students and parents to develop Instructional Support Plans (ISP).

– VVS provides a full school experience with reduced health risks, notably those related to COVID-19.

– Districts may seek special needs distance education services because the children themselves may be higher risk.


– The achievement levels of VVS students are as high, or higher, than the provincial average (as measured by Diploma Exam results).

– Continuity is key to high achievement, and VVS’ programming allows students to continue with their at-home education for as long as it is beneficial to them.

Cost effectiveness

– Other divisions can take advantage of solutions for their students to complete their programming for less cost than if the division provided the instruction themselves 

– Through an Education Services Agreement (ESA), VVS provides instruction for $130/credit while divisions are funded at approximately $190/credit for high school students).

– VVS can easily accommodate unusual timetable needs in ways that are costly (and in some cases impossible) for regular schools.

Solutions for international school-aged students

– Distance learning through VVS enables Alberta families living abroad to maintain their children’s Alberta education.

– Citizens of other countries can receive a world-class Alberta education through VVS.

– Alberta-accredited international schools can use VVS to complement their own programming.

Options for adult learners

– Registering with VVS gives Alberta adults access to a variety of courses to complete their high school diploma, improve high school marks, learn new skills, and/or fulfill post-secondary requirements.

– Adult upgrading courses are offered through continuous (year-round) registration.

– Adult students have the option of completing a core course or a 3- or 5-credit elective course in six months, or a 1-credit career and technology studies (CTS) course in three months.

Events & Activities

Like other schools, we have Student-Parent-Teacher Interviews, a graduation ceremony, an awards ceremony, and field trips planned throughout the year to help connect our wider school community.


For School-Aged Students

Grades 1-12 – Primary/Full-time Students (students not currently attending another school)

Grades 1-12 – Non-Primary/Part-time Students (high school students currently registered in another school division)

– Partnerships with Schools – Education Services Agreement (ESA) Students

Adults & International Students

Adult Upgrading

International Students

Contact Us

Campus Hours
8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday (except statutory holidays); teachers are available 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Campus Location
341 58 Ave. SE Calgary, AB  T2H 0P3