Online Inclusive Education Support

What is Inclusive Education Support?

Inclusive Education (IE) is programming that supports students, ensuring they receive equitable opportunities to learn. This may include developing individualized Instructional Support Plans (ISPs), providing helpful strategies and resources to support learning, and facilitating communication between families and staff.

Who Is This Support For?

Our IE services are available to any student who requires additional resources, strategies, and/or exam accommodations to succeed academically. We frequently work with students who have a current diagnosis requiring long or short term IE support.

What Does Inclusive Education Look Like in an Online Environment?

Our Inclusive Education Support is tailored to work with our online programming.

  • Most VVS school exams are written from the comfort of your own home or work space*
  • Teachers can support customized timelines at their discretion, but they cannot give students more time to complete their course
  • Students and/or families take an active role in implementing inclusive education strategies, with the support of VVS staff
  • Course planning and/or facilitation of accommodations are customized to meet individual student needs. However, we do not offer a reduced course-load. Options regarding course adjustments, such as oral assessments,  will require teacher approval
  • Individual, private support
  • Asynchronous learning environment

*Please note that we do not offer isolation for writing PATs or Diploma exams. 

How do I access Inclusive Education Support?

To receive support, students must indicate their requirements on our registration form or inform a VVS staff member. It is crucial to provide current, professional, and relevant documentation that outlines your diagnosis and/or challenges. The documentation must be signed and dated. *Please note that this is mandatory in order to access VVS, PAT, and Diploma exam accommodations.  

Acceptable Documentation:

Educational Assessments (5 years old or less)
A School Support Plan (current or from your last school year)
A Medical Note (less than 1 year old)

Student Specific IE Information 

Elementary and Junior High Students:                                                            

Our team utilizes the documentation provided to create or update ISPs, working to ensure that students achieve success. To further this goal, we regularly check in with parents and teachers and make adjustments to the ISP as necessary to account for growth.

Keep in mind that Personalized Learning is a separate program for students in elementary or junior high, so those who enroll in Personalized Learning should already have an ISP in place as part of establishing their customized curriculum.

High School & Adult Primary Students:

Our team creates and updates ISPs based on the provided documentation. We also monitor and adjust the ISP as the student grows and develops.

High School Non-Primary and ESA Students:

We strive to accommodate inclusive education needs whenever possible, as long as we have received the necessary documents from the primary school. Please note that we do not create new ISPs.

*IE accommodations for summer school are limited.

Inclusive Education Coordinator Contact Information

Christie Borle

Inclusive Education Coordinator grades 10-12 & Adult
Phone: 1-855-974-5333 x7214

Andrea Robin 

Inclusive Education Coordinator grades 1-9
Phone: 1-855-974-5333 x6252