Summer School

Do you need to upgrade your marks?
Catch up on missed courses?
Or perhaps you want to earn extra high school credits or make room in next year’s schedule?

We offer an online, summer program to all eligible, school-aged, high school students across Alberta.

Students who are 20 years of age, or older, as of September 1 of the current school year need to register as an Adult learner.
Summer School is not available to International students.

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General Information

  • Summer School runs from July 1 to August 22.
    • Summer course access opens on July 1. Summer School teachers are available starting July 4.
  • Courses: We offer a full slate of summer core and elective courses for grades 10-12. Note: Summer School courses have reduced content to meet the limited time frame of summer semester.
    • Format: Summer school courses are provided in an online format.
    • Visit our Course Catalogue for a full list of our course offerings and required materials.
  • Course Load: Students can enrol in a maximum of 10 credits of Summer School courses (regardless of where they are being taken).
    • Students can expect to work at least three hours per day to complete a 5-credit course.
  • Guaranteed Enrollment: We guarantee that eligible students will be enrolled.
  • Courswork Submission: Students must work regularly in their courses, submitting work throughout the summer semester and adhere to their provided timelines.
  • Course Withdrawals & Finalizations: Students who request to be withdrawn, and have completed 50% or more of their course, will have their mark finalized (zeros entered for assignments not completed) and mark(s) reported to Alberta Education. To withdraw, students (with their parent/guardian if under 18) can submit a Course Withdrawal Request Form.


  • Summer School Registration opens May 15 (Summer School course access opens on July 1.)
    • July 4 is the last day to register in 5-credit Summer School courses
    • July 29 is the last day to register in 1- and 3-credit Summer School courses
  • Summer Registration Eligibility Highlights:
    • Students cannot be registered in the same course in the Summer Semester with another school.
    • Prerequisite course marks must be on a student’s Detailed Academic Report (DAR; found in myPass) prior to registration.
    • Prerequisite Course Requirements: Check our Course Catalogue (in the course descriptions) for prerequisite course and minimum mark requirements.
    • Students transitioning from grade 9 to grade 10 may request courses without prerequisites such as CALM, Physical Education 10, and introductory CTS.
    • All registration eligibility requirements and admission process information is listed on the Registration webpage.
    • Students who are new to VVS, or students who were previously registered by their school (ESA students), will need to complete our Registration Form.
    • Current students can use the Request Courses feature in VVS SIS to request Summer School courses (with their parent/guardian if under 18).
  • There are no extensions for summer courses.

Textbooks, Materials & Fees

  • There are no tuition or registration fees for Summer School courses.
  • Required materials have a caution fee that is 100% refundable when materials are returned within 90 days of completion/withdrawal and in reusable condition.*
  • Refer to our Course Catalogue for materials and pricing.
    • Note: Full payment for materials is due within 48 hours of registration.
  • Shipping: Students residing in the Calgary region are required to pick up their materials from the VVS Calgary campus or pay for shipping. Students residing elsewhere in Alberta will have materials mailed to their address at no cost. Those who require materials be sent outside of Alberta are responsible for shipping fees.*
    • Materials that are ordered for Summer School courses are shipped as they are ordered.

Returning Textbooks & Materials

  • Grades 10-12 materials must be returned, in reusable condition, within 90 days of completion/withdrawal to receive a refund.*

*See our Policies page for more information on textbooks and material returns, refunds and shipping fees.


Important 2022 Summer School Dates

  • June 20 – August 2022 diploma exam registrations open (students register in myPass)
  • July 1 – Summer School course access opens (Summer School teachers available starting July 4).
  • July 1 – Canada Day, VVS Closed
  • July 4 – Deadline to register in 5-credit summer semester courses
  • July 4 – Deadline to register for August 2022 diploma exams (students register in myPass)
  • July 29 – Deadline to register in 1- and 3-credit Summer School courses or withdraw from any Summer School Course
  • August 1 – Heritage Day, VVS Closed

Assignment Submission Deadlines

For students who need to have their Summer School course marks appear on their transcript in August:

  • July 28 – Last day to submit a course assignment
  • August 4 – Last day to submit final exam or last supervised component

For all other summer students:

  • August 15 – All summer semester assignments/quizzes due*
  • August 22 – All summer semester exams due*

* Unless stated otherwise by the VVS teacher or as listed on the course timeline. These are general dates.

Planning to write a diploma exam in August 2022?

Students register to write diploma exams in myPass (Don’t yet have a myPass account? Email See our Diploma Exams webpage for more details. Reminder: Diploma exams are not the same as course final exams; students must write both.

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