Tips for Success

Below are some common problems distance learners may have and some solutions on how to fix them.

It Is Too Noisy To Get Work Done-Grab a pair of headphones.
-Dedicate time to work when you know it won't be noisy. For example, in the early morning rather than around dinner time.
There Are Too Many Distractions-Consider using an app to lock your phone while you do some work. For example, the free "Stay Focused" app.
-Carve out some time for fun, so you do not feel you are restricting yourself.
-Find an isolated and quiet place to work.
-If necessary, take all distractions out of the room you are working in. Example, phone, PlayStation, and other gaming devices.
I Am Feeling Overwhelmed-Stay on top of your due dates.
-Work on one thing at a time, try starting with subjects you are strong in, so you have more time to work on others.
-Take a break! Try going for a walk and then coming back to the assignment.
-Ask for help! Your course teachers are here to help you.
My Grades Are Not Where I Want Them To Be-Read old assignments and learn from the feedback your teachers provided.
-Use all of the tools and resources provided in your course.
I Am Having A Hard Time Doing Homework Online- Try having two windows open on your computer: one for the assignment you are working on and one for finding information for the assignment.
-If possible, consider printing out assignments, working on them by hand and then entering your answers online as required for your course.
-Check out the resources on our Help Page for assistance using SIS.
I Do Not Know How I Am Doing In My Course-Check your marks often in SIS.
I Am Worried That My Private Information Is Not Protected-Review our Cyber Security Tips for assistance.


Remember, you can always reach out to your course teacher for help. The staff at Vista Virtual School are always willing and able to help you.