Grad 2021

To celebrate your success, Vista Virtual School cordially invites you and your guests to attend our online Student Commencement Ceremony. The event will include an introduction of each graduate, a Valedictory Address, Principal’s Address, and a message from the Pembina Hills School Board. Eligible graduating students will receive their email invitation in April.

Date: Friday, June 4, 2021 at 6:30 PM

Commencement Ceremony

VVS offers a Graduation Ceremony the first Friday in June. Typically our grad includes a dinner as well as the usual ceremony with introductions, speeches, and celebrating our students’ successes. It also includes a presentation where we display photos of our students while we hear about their accomplishments, interests, and future plans. Students are provided with grad caps, robes, and a certificate.

Note: For the safety of our staff and students, Student Commencement Ceremony has been moved to an online format. Please stay tuned for further updates.

Congratulations to the VVS Class of 2020!


Sebastian ended his grade 11 year with a 54% average, but by the end of grade 12, however, Sebastian ended with a 94% average in all the difficult subjects and Vista Virtual School made this possible. The teachers and staff, who went above the call of duty, helped Sebastian along the way countless times, even after hours and weekends, and he would like to express his deepest gratitude for their support, encouragement and incredible skill levels. Those who made this possible include his amazing counsellor, Andrea Robin and exemplary teachers Kerry Smith, Murray Jarman, Joy Trick and Tanya Cole. A special thank you to the Assistant Principal, Treena Bradbury, for compassionately allowing Sebastian to eat in her office while writing six-hour exams to keep up his blood sugar levels. Sebastian would like to take electrical engineering after a gap year, filled with traveling, working and some much-earned leisure time. Once again, Sebastian would like to thank all the teachers, staff and his parents for helping him to not only achieve, but exceed, his goals. Vista Virtual School is truly the best academic experience Sebastian has ever encountered because they provide the environment needed for one to do their very best work. Vista Virtual Schol is a rare institution where the teachers and counsellors put their whole hearts into their students and make great sacrifices to see them reach their goals. Thank you Vista Virtual School!

Rasveen Gill

Rasveen is planning on taking a Bachelor of Science at the University of Calgary this fall for natural sciences. Through the past few years, she learned more about herself and discovered new interests than she ever did before. Such as her new passion for model un and reading. This only helped turn her into a better version of herself. The biggest lesson she learned is to really learn from her mistakes so she can become stronger and wiser because every day is a new opportunity to lay an impact on herself and others.


Emeli Glidden

Emeli is proud to have graduated high school with honours, a feat that she has maintained throughout all the years of her schooling, which began when she taught herself to read at four years old. Emeli has never been one to shrink away from a challenge, always striving to put her best work forward in all that she does. Emeli has always loved writing, and hopes to one day join the ranks of Canadian authors, becoming a successful writer. Emeli would like to thank her mom, first and foremost, for always being her biggest supporter, and also all of the teachers that helped to inspire her career goals. Emeli is excited to embark on all the new adventures that life holds, eagerly anticipating this new chapter of her life.

Julieanne Lewis

Julieanne joined Vista Virtual School in the year of 2017 when she moved to Calgary, Alberta to finish her remaining years of high school. Julieanne likes to spend her time with family, go to the gym with her sister, walk her dog and watch Friends for the millionth time in a row. Julieanne is most proud of receiving a merit award, top marks in CALM class and now her high school diploma. Her future plans are to become certified in cosmetology and to start a makeup page on social media to show her passion as well as studying graphic design. Julieanne would like to thank her teachers, her family and friends for the support throughout the years.

Kailee-Ann P.

With the world turning on its head, Kailee-Ann was and is grateful to her teachers at Vista Virtual and ADLC who wouldn’t allow her to fall behind in her courses, and who pushed her to succeed during these trying times. She would like to make a personal thank you to Andrea Robin for always being there to help her and push her to be more than what she was. Kailee-Ann has already been accepted into the Alberta University of the Arts for this coming fall semester and plans to become a graphic designer. While the state of the world both now and in the future is difficult to predict, Kailee-Ann is ready and willing to see what the future holds and face it head on.

Nancy Wilson

Nancy is a bright young girl who finds joy in everything that she does, everywhere she goes, and in everyone that she meets. Throughout high school, she has worked tremendously hard to achieve the things that she is proud of today. Nancy has, throughout the years, worked as a department lead at her job, volunteered her extra time to give back to the community and be the change she wants to see in the world, and maintained exceptional grades- enough to name her the valedictorian of her high school graduating class and amongst the top 5% of applicants to the university she had applied to. In the fall, Nancy will be attending the University of Alberta to begin her adventure towards a Bachelor of Education. Nancy hopes to, in the future, be able to help support children of all different sorts feel included and valued as her teachers did for her throughout school. 

VVS Valedictorian Speech by Nancy Wilson

Hello to all,

I used to dream of being named valedictorian. Something about it just sat right in my heart; however, I definitely overlooked the speech component. 

When we were younger, we used to look at high schoolers in living awe. They had it all: they had intricate social lives, some could drive, some had jobs, some travelled- and they did all of this on top of their schoolwork. 

We may have been captivated by these freedoms and privileges that we saw in high schoolers, but we were also daunted by their responsibilities of writing essays, studying for midterms, and doing trigonometry homework. 

But look at us now- we made it through all of that. We learned so much throughout these years; we learned from textbooks, teachers, peers, and ultimately from ourselves. We all proved to ourselves that what we once thought was daunting, was achievable and that we were able to accomplish it. We accomplished more than graduating high school; through this experience we learned so much about ourselves, our world, and our unique places within it. 

In the words of Spiderman’s Gwen Stacy, “Make [your life] count for something… What better way is there to live?” Perhaps our superpower in life is to be the unique person that we were meant to be. 

I want to thank all of the teachers and staff at Vista Virtual School for being there for all of us- even if not tangibly. Rest assured that we will take with us all of your support, guidance, and teachings in our futures- although I can’t promise that I will remember the quadratic formula. 

To the parents of the graduating class, I wish the warm hug of happiness and pride finds you as you watch your child graduate. You knew this day would come, perhaps you didn’t think it would be so soon, but you have helped and supported us every step of the way to get to this point- we thank you. 

And to the graduates, I want to congratulate each and every one of us and our efforts to get here. It may not have been the easiest ordeal, but we made it. Continuously believing in ourselves and never giving up afforded us the opportunity to press on and achieve this great accomplishment of graduating. 

Although we enjoyed the moments that we have spent as high schoolers, we hold in our hearts the knowledge that these moments of glee are bountiful in our futures as the unique individuals that we have become have afforded us all of these moments. It may feel like we are saying farewell to high school, but we are really saying hello to the bright futures that high school has prepared us all to enjoy.