All Vista Virtual School courses (including Grade 12 Diploma Exam courses) have supervised final exams. If you are within 100km of a Vista Virtual School location you will be expected to write that exam in the school location.

Exams are an important aspect of distance education as minimum scores must be obtained to achieve course credit and reflect the overall learning a student has made in their school work.

These links provide important information on school policies and expectations surrounding exams.

In order to ensure a minimum level of competency is achieved by students in each of their core courses, Vista Virtual School requires a score of at least 40% on a final exam in order to pass the course. A score of 40%, or less, on a student’s first attempt indicates that further instructional time and practice is required on identified problematic learning outcomes.

It is also essential for students to demonstrate consistency and integrity in their coursework, quizzes, and supervised exams. If a discrepancy of 25% or larger exists between a student’s final exam mark and the mark earned for their accumulated coursework, the student's final exam mark will become their final course mark.

An appeal exam is available upon teacher approval.