Academic Counselling

As a Vista Virtual School student, you will have access to a network of student services, including academic counsellors and an administrative team who can assist you with:

  • planning for successful high school completion.
  • planning your full-time program.
  • evaluating your out-of-province transcripts.
  • connecting with teachers and other school staff.
  • providing academic advice as setting school goals and planning for entrance into post-secondary institutions or the workforce.
  • finding appropriate services when you require personal counselling.
  • connecting students to Inclusive Education support for help related to physical, sensory, psychological or learning disabilities.

Helpful Links

Post-Secondary, Scholarship & Award information


    Diploma Exam Information    


Talk to one of our counsellors!

For grades 10-12:

Loya De Clercq

For grades 1-9:

Jessica Luciuk