Vista Virtual School (VVS) can be the school of choice for any Alberta family. We provide a complete distance learning experience. Our teachers deliver instruction, provide students with support and feedback, and assess students’ academic progress.

Students have access to a broad catalogue of courses designed to meet all of the learning outcomes in the Alberta Programs of Study. VVS is part of the Pembina Hills School Division (PHSD).


The new funding framework announced by the Alberta government in early 2020 caused us to adjust our service delivery model. There are two important terms to understand: primary registrations and non-primary registrations.

Primary registrations

When a student registers with VVS for the majority of their program, PHSD receives funding to provide programming. VVS is responsible for the students in this group.

We provide all of the instruction, support, and assessments, and we report results to parents/guardians and Alberta Education like any other school in Alberta.

Non-primary registrations

When a student registers with another school for the majority of their programming, the other school division receives the funding. VVS can still deliver some of the student’s courses if the other division has an active service agreement with our school division.

In such cases we work with the student’s resident school division and school. We deliver instruction, support, and assessment for the selected courses. We report results to parents/guardians, the resident school, and Alberta Education.

School-aged registrations for the 2020-2021 school year are now closed, except for interjurisdictional and international students.

Students registered for 2020-2021 must complete their full program by June 30, 2021.

Grades 1-9

  • Vista Virtual School offers print-based and some online courses to Alberta elementary and junior high school students in grades 1-9.
  • VVS’ grade 1-9 students are usually primary registrations. Families can register their children directly with Vista Virtual School.
  • VVS may accept non-primary registrations for grade 1-9 if the resident division has an active service agreement with PHSD in place. In this case, the registrations must come through the resident school (or authority).

See the course catalogue for courses offered to elementary and junior high students.

Grades 10-12

Vista Virtual School offers a full-time online senior high school program to Alberta students in grades 10-12. Our program is delivered within a semester system following the traditional school year (plus summer school).

  • First semester runs from September 1 to January 31.
  • Second semester runs from February 1 to June 30.
  • Summer school registrations open on March 1 and courses must be completed by August. Students may register for up to 10 credits during summer school sessions.

Primary registrations (grades 10-12)

  • Students in their first three years of high school should register for 35 or more credits per year.
  • Students in their fourth year of high school can register for a maximum of 18 credits.
  • Students in their fifth year of high school can register for a maximum of ten credits.
  • Students may also register for up to ten additional credits in summer school.
  • Most students must successfully complete a designated one-credit CTS course (E-LEARNING & LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (COM1255)) intended to insure success in the online learning environment.

Non-primary registrations (grades 10-12)

  • Students may take some of their courses through VVS if the local school authority has an active service agreement.
  • Please check with your local school or school authority, or call our support team, to confirm whether your resident division has an active service agreement with PHSD in place.
  • Students may also register directly with Vista Virtual School to take up to ten additional credits during summer school (no service agreement required).

Specific course format and required materials are found in the course catalogue.

Academic counsellors are available to support school-aged students with their program decisions.

Please refer to the following information bulletins for further details: