Adult Learning Frequently Asked Questions

Below are Frequently Asked Questions for adult learners. Additional common questions (and answers) are found under Student & Parent Info in our Common Questions section.

How do I Determine if I am an Adult Student?

Alberta Education defines an adult student as any student who is 20 years of age or older on September 1, of the current school year.

Am I Eligible to Register with Vista Virtual School?

To register with Vista Virtual School, you must be:

  • A resident of Alberta. (Though you may temporarily reside elsewhere.); and
  • A Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

You will need to provide official documentation proving your citizenship upon registration. This might include your Canadian birth certificate, passport, citizenship card, or landed immigrant card. You may also be asked to provide documentation proving your Alberta residency.

What can I Expect from my Instruction in a Vista Virtual School Course?

Vista Virtual School courses are accessed online, with students working through content and assignments on their own schedule—it is a very independent way of learning, with teachers available by phone or email during regular school hours to answer specific questions about the course content.

Teachers are very happy to answer your questions, and may have additional videos or other resources to help you understand the course content; however, we do not undertake individual instruction or tutorials with students.

How Can I Achieve a High School Diploma?

Learn about the many ways to finish high school through Alberta’s Graduation requirements, credentials and credits page!

If you studied outside of Canada, you may also wish to look into International Qualifications Assessment (IQAS).

If you require assistance to figure out which courses you need to achieve your high school diploma, please reach out to our Adult Academic Counselors at It is helpful if you can include your high school transcripts and/or your Alberta Student Number, if you have one.

Can I Still Register if I Did my Schooling Outside of Alberta?

Yes, you can register to upgrade with Vista Virtual School as long as you are now a resident of Alberta. In your registration application, please upload a copy of your high school transcript and/or applicable post-secondary marks for review by our Academic Counselors.

It is also helpful for you to create an Alberta Student Number (ASN) and include it in your registration. Any course you complete with Vista Virtual School will be reported on your Alberta high school transcript.

How Long do I Have to Complete my Course?

If you paid for your course yourself or it is funded through a third party, you have up to one year to complete a core course, six months to complete a 3- or 5-credit elective course, or three months to complete 1-credit CTS courses.

Extensions may be granted with teacher approval, upon presentation of a reasonable completion plan. There is an additional cost for course extensions.

If your course is funded through the Skills Investment Bursary (SIB), you have 24 weeks to complete your course and must finish by your Session End Date.

Where do I get my Textbooks/Materials From?

As an adult student, Vista Virtual School provides you the option to purchase textbooks and materials directly through us. If you choose this option, the cost of textbooks may be less than other sources because the cost is averaged out between used and new textbooks; but as such, you may receive a used textbook in reusable condition. You can choose to purchase textbooks and other materials from any available source.

Please note: there are no refunds for any adult textbook or materials purchased through Vista Virtual School. See the Refund Policy for more information.


Is there Financial Assistance?

Find out if you qualify for funding through Alberta Works called the Skills Investment Bursary.

How can a Third Party Make Payment on my Behalf?

If a third party (WCB, Band, etc.) is paying for your course, please register online and answer Yes to Will a third party be paying for this registration? and, if possible, include your Third Party contact information.

Vista Virtual School will send an authorization of payment letter for you to forward to your third party contact. Once the third party authorization and funding is received, we will enroll you in your course(s).

Tax Receipts (T2202 and T4As for Skills Investment Bursary)

Tax Receipts (T2202) can only be issued by post-secondary institutions (university, college, etc.) for post-secondary courses. As Vista Virtual School offers high school (upgrading) courses, these are not tax deductible.

Funding received through the Skills Investment Bursary is considered taxable income. A T4A will be issued by the Learner Income Support Office for all learners receiving in excess of $500 during the previous tax year.

If you require a receipt for your own records, you can log into SIS, click Make a Payment on the left side of the page, and select Print Receipt.

Refund Policy

Refunds for Adult Students

Registration Fees
Application declined by VVSFull refund
Application cancelled at student’s request before the registration is processed and any course materials are shippedFull refund
Registration withdrawn within 45 days of enrolment date with zero to three
gradeables submitted
Refund less $50 processing fee
Registration withdrawn within 45 days of enrolment date, but with more than
three gradeables submitted (to a maximum of five lessons or assignments)
Refund less 50% of registration fee
Registration withdrawn after 45 days of enrolmentNo refund
Required Instructional Materials
Application declined by VVSFull refund
Application cancelled at student’s request before the registration is processed and any course materials are shippedFull refund
Textbooks and materials (unused and in resellable condition) returned after registration cancelled or withdrawn within 45 days of enrolmentRefund less 10% restocking fee
Textbooks returned beyond 45 days from the enrolment dateNo refund for adult students
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For more information, see our Policies & Procedures section or our Common Questions section. You can also contact us at, or give us a call at 1-855-974-5333 x5317.