Education Services Agreements

Partnerships With Schools

VVS partners with schools in other Alberta school jurisdictions (or Alberta Accredited International Schools, AAIS) to provide distance education to their students through Education Services Agreements (ESA). ESAs are required as per the Funding Manual for School Authorities for VVS to provide services to students who are not included in the Pembina Hills enrolment.

For more information about the purpose, cost, funding implications and set-up of an ESA, please visit the Pembina Hills School Division Education Services Agreements webpage.

Registering Students through an ESA

Once the ESA is in place, VVS Support will be in contact with your school or division to create various user accounts in our Student Information System (VVS SIS).

Your school’s designated Super User(s) will then be able to register students directly in VVS SIS (ESA student applications are not submitted through the website application form. SIS How-To documents are found on the SIS Dashboard).

Enrollment Deadlines

  • Grades 1-9 ESA students can be enrolled anytime until January 28, 2022. 
  • Grades 10-12 ESA students can be enrolled anytime until April 14, 2022.


  • Per-credit Fees: Per the ESA, affiliation schools are charged $130 per credit (AAIS schools are charged $200/credit). This fee does not cover the costs of textbooks, materials or other required supplies and is the responsibility of the affiliation school to provide. These items, however, may be purchased from VVS (cost is adjusted for used textbooks; all materials purchased are final sale and not refundable); see the Course Catalogue for pricing.
  • Shipping Fees – There is a $15 flat rate shipping fee (within Alberta), per order. Affiliations can also schedule an appointment to pick up materials from the Calgary campus. Flat-rate shipping is available only to students and partner schools within Alberta. Partner schools outside of Alberta are responsible for the full cost of shipping.
  • Refunds – Our refund policy can be found on our Policies webpage in the Refunds for Education Services Agreement Enrollments section.

Course Procedure Information

  • Course Timelines – ESA students have three months to complete 1-credit courses and six months to complete 3- or 5-credit courses. All courses must be completed by June 15, 2022 and final exams completed by June 22, 2022. ESA courses are not semester based.
  • Reporting to Alberta Education – When a student reaches the midway point of the term, or has completed 50% of their course, we report student learning and achievement to Alberta Education.
  • Finalizations at End of Term – Once a student has completed 50% of their course work, their course will be finalized at the end of the term, regardless of how much more of the course the student completes
  • Withdrawals & Finalizations – Once the midway point of the term has been reached, students will not be permitted to withdraw from a course (regardless of the amount of the course completed) and their course will be finalized at the end of the term.
  • Extensions – Extending course deadlines is possible, but all courses must still be completed by June 15, 2022. Contact us for more details. 

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Roles & Responsibilities

Click here to view a summary of the Roles and Responsibilities of Affiliation Schools and VVS.

Important Dates

We have highlighted important dates for ESA students and affiliations below:

  • January 28 –  Last Day for ESA grades 1-9 registrations for the 2021-22 school year
  • April 14 – Deadline to register in or withdraw from any courses
  • June 15 – Deadline to complete all courses (unless otherwise arranged with the VVS teacher)

Important note! There are different deadlines and important dates for different student types at our school. Students should always refer to their course timeline in SIS and ask their VVS teacher if they have questions about their course timeline. All important dates can also be found on the Calendar page of our website (PDF version also available).