International Students

Vista Virtual School provides instruction of the Alberta grade 1-12 curriculum to international students and children of Alberta families living abroad. These options have associated fees.

Eligible Students

Students who ordinarily live outside of Alberta, including:

– Students who reside in another province

– Students who reside outside of Canada

– Students who reside in Alberta, but not on the September 30 count date

Note: Alberta Education requires parents or guardians of school-age students to remain in the province until at least September 30 of the school year to be eligible for a regular Grades 1 – 12 program

Students living in Alberta without Canadian citizenship, including:

– Students studying in Alberta as an international student with a Canadian Study Permit

– Students residing in Alberta who are not the child of a Canadian citizen or the child of an individual who is lawfully admitted to Canada as a permanent or temporary resident 

Note: Students who are the child of a Canadian citizen or the child of a Canadian permanent or temporary resident (i.e. with a Canadian Work Permit, Study Permit, etc.) may be able to apply for our Grades 1 – 12 program

Students studying at Alberta Accredited International Schools (AAIS)

AAIS can supplement their programming with opportunities offered through VVS


Registration Information

Registration Dates: Grades 1-9 students are registered for the full school year (September – June). The deadline to register is January 27, 2023.

Enrollment is guaranteed for eligible students

Course Information

Course Completion Timelines: Grade 1-9 students are expected to complete their courses in June. Extensions are not available.

Courses & Format: Compulsory core courses — Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies — are available at each grade level and Health is added for grades 7-9. Grades 1-6 courses are print-based with some online and grades 7-9 courses are online. Visit our Course Catalogue for a full list of our course offerings.


Registration Information

Registration Dates: We offer continuous (year-round) registration for international/out-of-province high school students. This means there are no set start dates; students can register when they are ready to begin their course. 

Enrollment is guaranteed for eligible students

Course Information

Course Completion Timelines: International/out-of-province students have up to six months to complete core courses or 3- or 5-credit elective courses, and three months to complete 1-credit Career and Technology Studies (CTS) courses. Students can complete courses earlier than their assigned end date.

– Course Extensions: High school students can apply for a course extension, for a fee, with teacher approval and upon presentation of a reasonable completion plan.

– Extensions are for three months (a maximum four extensions per course) and are permitted up to one year from the original course expiry date.

– Adult students must apply for extensions within six months of the course expiry or withdrawal date.

Courses & Format: We offer a full slate of core and elective courses! Courses are accessed online with students working through content, assignments and quizzes on their own schedule while adhering to provided timelines. Visit our Course Catalogue for a full list of our course offerings and required materials. 

Prerequisite Course Requirements: Check our Course Catalogue (in the course descriptions) for prerequisite course and minimum mark requirements. 

Course Procedure Information

Coursework Submission: Students must work regularly in their courses, and adhere to their provided timelines.

Teacher Support: Teachers are available by phone or email during regular school hours (Mountain Time) to answer specific questions and may have additional resources to help students.

Reporting Marks to Alberta Education: Once a student has completed a high school course, we report their marks to Alberta Education. Students in an eligible Grade 12 course must complete a diploma exam in order to have a mark on their official Alberta Transcript of High School Achievement. 

Withdrawals: To submit a withdrawal request, students (with their parent/guardian) complete the VVS Course Withdrawal Request Form.

Materials & Fees Information

International/out-of-province tuition fees are based on $200 per credit for grades 10-12 courses and $1000 per course for grades 1-9.

Material fees are not included in tuition. Students can purchase textbooks and other materials from VVS (textbooks may be in new or used condition) or any other available source. Course materials/textbooks purchased through VVS are not refundable. Refer to our Course Catalogue for a list of materials and pricing.

Shipping: Students residing in the Calgary region are required to pick up their materials from the VVS Calgary campus or pay a $15 flat rate shipping fee. Those residing outside of Calgary but within Alberta will have materials shipped to them at no cost. Out-of-province students are responsible for shipping fees.*

Full Payment is required within 48 hours of your registration application being processed. 

A third party payor (international school, government program, etc) may cover the course cost for students. 

– Our Finance Department will send an invoice to the contact provided on the registration application.

– Once payment is received, the student will be enrolled. 

For refund information, see our Refund Policy

Fees for International/Out-of-Province Students

Tuition for Grade 1-9 course$1000.00
Tuition for a 5-credit Grade 10-12 course$1000.00
Tuition for a 3-credit Grade 10-12 course$600.00
Tuition for a 1-credit Grade 10-12 course$200.00
Three Month Course Extension
(Grade 10-12 courses only)

*See our Shipping Policy for more details.

Contact Us

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