Summer School

Vista Virtual School’s high school summer program offers online courses to school-aged students across Alberta. Specific course format and required materials can be found in the Course Catalogue.

Watch our Summer School Registration Video for information on how to register.

  • Students may enrol in a maximum of 10 credits.
  • Students must have the prerequisite course(s) marks on their Detailed Academic Report (DAR) prior to registration.
  • Students transitioning from Grade 9 to Grade 10 may request courses without prerequisites such as CALM, Physical Education 10, and introductory CTS.
  • Students may begin to submit assignments for marking for Summer School courses on July 1.
  • Students must work regularly in their courses, submitting work throughout the summer semester.
  • Requests for withdrawal must be requested by July 2 and will be processed after that date.
  • Summer courses have an end date of August 6. Courses will not be finalized until mid-July at the earliest.

Dear Registering Summer Semester Students and Parents,

Vista Virtual School has always prided itself in being a flexible and supportive learning environment for all of our students. To that end, we opened our Summer Semester to ensure students have an opportunity to complete work in a timely manner.

We cannot accept any work for assessment prior to July 1, 2021, as this is the official start to Summer School. Please contact Superintendent David Garbutt at with any questions or concerns.

Needless to say, we are disappointed with this position as we know that some students were counting on finishing courses ahead of the summer transcript update on July 16. Students completing a Summer Semester course will still have their transcripts updated on August 20, well ahead of the new school year.

Students WILL still have access to course content prior to July 1. We are working to allow viewing access to assignments so that students can still work on the courses if they choose, but we will be closing access for students to submit work for assessment. If students do have questions about their courses, they can still contact their teacher for clarification.

We can appreciate that many of you will be reevaluating your registration. You can direct questions or requests to delete your registration to

Thank you for your understanding as we continue to work to support our students.

2021 Summer Semester — Important Dates

March 1 — Registration for the summer semester begins
June 15 — Deadline to register for 5-credit summer semester courses
July 1 — Students may begin to submit assignments for marking
July 2 — Deadline to withdraw from 5-credit summer semester courses
July 10 — Deadline to register for or withdraw from 1 or 3-credit summer semester courses
July 15 — Beginning of summer semester mark reporting
July 30 — Deadline for all summer semester assignments and quizzes
August 4 – Diploma-level course marks reported to Alberta Education
August 6 — Deadline for summer semester exams completion

Eligibility for Senior High Summer Students

To qualify to register at Vista Virtual School, the student must:

1. Be less than 20 years of age as of September 1, 2020. Students over the age of 20 can register for adult upgrading.

2. Be a Canadian citizen, a lawfully admitted permanent resident, a child of a Canadian citizen, or a child of a lawfully admitted permanent or temporary resident. International students can register for summer courses, but will be subject to international student tuition fees. Students must provide proof of citizenship (i.e., birth certificate, landed immigrant, or resident documentation) and students with study permits must also provide their guardian’s citizenship documentation.

3. Be a resident of Alberta. Alberta Education requires parents or guardians of school-age students to remain in the province until at least September 30 of the school year. Students must maintain an Alberta address, even if they are temporarily residing elsewhere, and must submit proof of residency upon request.*

4. Have successfully completed any required prerequisite(s) of the course request. VVS requires confirmation of prerequisite completion.**

5. Not be taking the same course at another school in Alberta. VVS is unable to register students in a course for which they are, or were, already registered in during the summer semester with a different school.

6. Not be federally funded, such as First Nations students living in a First Nation community whose educational expenses are paid by the federal government, as VVS is a provincially funded institution.

7. Provide additional documentation in support of student needs as required, including Individualized Program Plan, psychological/psycho-educational assessments, and/or medical assessments/documentation.

* Proof of Alberta residence is ideally provided in the form of an Alberta property tax assessment, with proof of payment for the current year, or, if residence is not owned, a current lease agreement from the property manager valid for at least the school year, as well as a current utility bill for your Alberta residence. At the principal’s discretion, your income tax receipt showing that you filed and paid taxes in Alberta for the previous year may be considered. VVS may also accept an Alberta Health Card, Alberta driver’s licence, or utility bill.

** VVS accepts Detailed Academic Reports (DARs) from Alberta Education,  a final report card, or transcripts. For core courses that require prerequisites, students entering grade 10 may register once they have received their final grade 9 report card (please remember to upload it to your registration application). If schooling was completed outside of Alberta, please upload your transcript or final report card. Please note, applications submitted without the prerequisite will be declined and students will be asked to reapply at a later date.

Summer Admission Process

Step 1: Determine if the student is eligible.

Step 2: Complete the online registration application.

Step 3: Upon receipt of your registration form, our registration staff will review and verify your information.

Step 4: If you order materials, you will receive an email with instructions for making payment.

Step 5: When you are enrolled, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions for accessing your online course content and getting started. Any materials ordered will be mailed to the shipping address provided on your registration form.